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    Founded in 2009, LisaBerck San Diego became a luxury brand of leather handbags and accessories that were sold at upscale boutiques and retailers worldwide. In 2018, Lisa chose to pull out of its over 450 retailers worldwide to sell direct to you, the consumer. In doing so, we have been able to reduce the selling price of our products, while still creating handmade to order, superior quality, rugged and luxury goods for ALL to enjoy. 

    In November of 2018, LisaBerck San Diego launched a new brand of rugged, unisex products that combined our beautiful leathers, with an amazing waterproof canvas. From this combination comes a handmade product that could potentially be in the hands of men and women & boys and girls of all ages and styles... Berck San Diego was born!

    One month later, LisaBerck San Diego, made another exciting decision and transitioned all of our LisaBerck San Diego products over to the Berck San Diego brand and now we are offering all silhouettes in the leather/canvas mix, or leather only option.... Choices, choices, choices!


    We are proud to say that we design and manufacture ALL of our amazing products right here in the USA and each, and every product is handmade to order just for you! The brand has grown to be a favorite of many celebrities and bag lovers around the world. 

    Our products are backed by our amazing lifetime repair guarantee! We only manufacture the highest quality pieces and have millions of very happy customers!